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How To End Your Affair With That Corporate America Person

March 12, 2013
"The Destruction of Tea at Boston Harbor&...

“The Destruction of Tea at Boston Harbor”, lithograph depicting the 1773 Boston Tea Party (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

By Grant Marcus, guest blogger
one in a series of political posts for peace

Supremacy through money,
great wealth at all cost,
greed at the expense of
indigenous peoples
throughout the world,
a government of, by, and for corporations–
with fictitious wars for fictitious reasons–
this has become our country.

In so doing, we have become no better than Nazi
Germany, killing by the millions–over a million in South
America, 3.5-4.5 million in Vietnam, over a million and
counting in Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Yeomen, and
Libya.  Our killings focus on race and minorities, be-
cause the old men, with old values, who run our country,
are racist.

Yes, our snot-nose is in everyone’s business.  Why?
because for war corporations, for oil, for auto, for insur-
ance companies, and banks, for manufacturing soilent
green stores like Wallmart, war is a windfall business.

And for Congressmen, who do insider trading, and wor-
ship at the feat of Wall Street (most do) it’s free money.

In other words, we are now ruled by the robber barons
of old–yes dirty old men with fortunes, who believe in Ayn
Rand, racism, the KKK, and the One Morality Rule, profits
for their own sake.  It is the Diocese of Opulence making
their Faustian bargains at the expense of every American,
or the 99.7% of us.  And they own our government, our
freedom, our democracy, our representatives.

    What must be sacrificed for corporate greed?  Education,
a living wage, jobs, unions, the American dream, your child’s
future, a country of principles and values, liberty, freedom,
a livable environment without pollution, endangering the rest
of the living kingdom, and the entire planet and life as we
know it.  In other words, everything.

And worse  shareholders and investors, who were born
with money to make money, promote these dirty old men
through organizations like Slavery Works (Dick Armey’s
Freedom Works) and Americans for Austerity (Americans
for Prosperity) or the Coch brothers representing big oil.

Their investors of eternal wars on race (or terror), of war
contractors, banksters and insurance companies, or The
Tea Party, come out in droves to protect them, under the
guise of  reclaiming American roots and the Republic.

But let’s look at our forbearer’s history and why we have
a country in the first place: warring kings taxed our found-
ers to death so they could invade other countries and steal
their resources.  They sent over the East India Company
to dominate our tea products.  Acting like Monsanto does
today, they forbade our founders the right to grow tea and
made them buy it from East India, as if the company had a
patent on the product–The company then charged ridicu-
lous prices, putting American farmers out of work and
Americans in poverty.  Think about it, doesn’t this sound
exactly like what our corporations are doing to us today?

Today, kings are called CEOs, and the East India Comp-
any is called, The Fortune 500.  Their crops are metals and
oils, and through exploitation, they steal it from indigenous
peoples who cannot fight back.  This is the type of barbar-
ism that has existed as long as Beowolf and slave ships;

And these corporations are international, and have no al-
legiance but to money.  They are the new Tories who have
invaded our constitution and usurped our Bill of  Rights.

People are no longer We The People.  Corporations are.

They alone, have the right to pursue greed, which is their
happiness.  It’s why the upper 2% of wealth and their invest-
ors now own  98% of our country.  It allows them to send
we servants or slaves on missions of  fictitious wars to do
their bidding for them, while they make sure their own fam-
lies are secure and far from the front lines.

Americans have caught on to the Tea Party.  Most know
by now they are not “independent” or “grass roots.”  They
are a facsimile or by-product of corporate personhood.

And they have been well-financed into a well-oiled corpor-
ate machine to face-lift the Repiglicon (Republican Party).

It had to be revamped after the first CEOs to run the coun-
try, Bush and Cheney, overwhelmed our government into
an ocean of debt.  Now many are dogpaddling to stay a-
float in that debt.  With climate change, those dog-paddlers
won’t last long.

    It’s a coup.  But because of corporate media, who only
let us know what their sponsors (corporations) pay them
to tell us, Americans don’t know the truth.  We The Peo-
ple only see–and apparently believe–whatever Max
Hedron Inc. or television tells us.

We are zombies buying everything corporations feed us. 

We have become the empty minds of good Germans, or the cogs of the
Dystopia, “1984,”–With the mindless consuming
choices of “Brave New World” to keep us distracted.

We are frozen in the double think of the corporate
media as the message.  If anyone speaks the truth, it
is silenced by corporate power.  It is indirect censor-
ship, because it is hidden from viewing, where most
could hear about it.

As we move fully into the era of corporate person-
hood, and Full Corporate Dominance, where our voting
machines are owned and operated by The Romneys
(Mitt & his son, Tag, the Mc Monies) who just invest-
ed billions in them, corporations will own the airwaves,
they will own our only saving grace, our votes, and
with it, they will own our souls and the souls of our
children.  Corporations will have our rights, and those
who protest will be taken away and placed in perman-
ent detention.  Our democracy will become an oilocracy,
and freedom fascism.

Corporations will own the schools and teach corpor-
ate personhood to our children.  With one in two Am-
ericans getting cancer from a polluted planet–caused
by these corporations which are not held accountable–
it won’t even matter.  No one will be left to live out qual-
ity lives and make a difference.

So do what George Bush told you to do during a
crisis, such as this political crisis: “People need to go
out and shop. They need to buy things…” He might
have added, “and support our corporations.”–the
beast that keeps gnawing and feeding on us.

And yet, though you may seem powerless, there
are still things you can do, such as not going wimp-
ishly along with it.

    What can Americans really do in this political
crisis, which could end America as we know it?

1) Consume less and don’t live in excess;

2) Buy from local independent stores and farms, rather than from chain stores or agribusiness.

3) shop at yard sales, swap meets.  Buy from fellow Americans;

4) Take a class in American history, or read How-
ard Zinn’s book, “The People’s History of the Uni-
ted States; know your Declaration of Independence
and know your Constitution;

5) Stay away from the virus, prime-time television.
Instead, use independent sources, like Free Speech TV, 90.7 people supported-radio, or LinkTV;
buy and read independ
ent books; 

6) Don’t support movies and other endertainment that supports war and torture;
be selective about where you go and what you do for entertainment;

7) Be an activist against corporate personhood;
support benign energy alternatives (to oil,
coal, nuclear and gas-fracking); make a small dif-
ference in your own way about climate change

8) War is just abortion  with a gun;  live your life,
promoting all life and a healthy planet.

9) Use and buy biodegradeable products.
Refuse plastic bags and “disposable” items our planet cannot dispose of.

10) Practice kindness; practice simplicity; practice peace.

Make your congressional representatives know your feelings about it. 

Hold those you elect accountable.  

The buck may stop with them,
but it starts with you.

Grant Marcus,

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