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#CabernetDay at #BurningMan 2015

September 1, 2015

Gwendolyn Alley aka Art Predator:

How I will be celebrating Cabernet Day 2015 on Thurs. Sept 3!

Originally posted on wine predator:

10347080_10152733739078900_783259526048785981_n Burning Man is home to a winery, wine cellars, and plenty of wine!

Is there wine in Black Rock City, home to Burning Man? Or is it only a town of tequila shots and beers in cans and blasters and absinthe and other cocktails?

I’m here to tell you that there is more to drink in Black Rock City than cheap bottom shelf liquor prettied-up with mixers and sweet cheeks served on a mutant vehicle rolling across the desert!

Every year at Burning Man (my first Burn was in 1992 and I’ve been 15x), I have had amazing wine, including my first Barolo in 2009, thanks to Puma who always brings out some pretty special stuff to celebrate the occasion (that’s his dusty pile from 2011 pictured).

IMG_6773 Puma and a pile of vino he brought to Burning Man to share

Many wine makers, from professional to garagiste to home brewer…

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Burning Man’s Temple 2015 + my promise

August 31, 2015

logo by Monica Wu

Most people who know anything about Burning Man (beyond the stupid trope of drugs, naked people, EDM) know that on Saturday night, a giant human effigy is burned followed by a raging party. Think the biggest New Year’s Eve party you’ve been too and then multiply by google.

Fewer people know about the Temple Burn Read more…

53 Interesting Facts About the Number 53 #33: Sunset’s 53 container gardens

August 23, 2015

School may be back in session for many and summer may be almost over for those of us in the Northern Hemisphere, but unless you live in the Arctic circle, now is as good a time as any to plant a container garden. Sunset magazine recently featured not 10, not 25, not 40 or 50 but 53 container gardens! A few of my favorites a pictured above. And since on Sundays I post an interesting fact about the number 53, this Sunday I’m featuring these 53 container gardens. Read more…

Award-Winning Latino Poets In Ojai 8/23

August 22, 2015

11880601_10153519664899268_9202070449701315264_nThree award-winning Latino poets read tomorrow Sunday August 23 at 2pm at the Ojai Art Center 113 So. Montgomery, downtown Ojai. Angel Garcia, Melinda Palacio, and Emma Trelles  will perform poetry and Claudia Simone will sing with classical guitarist Don Cardinali. Food trucks will be on site and while the event is free, donations are appreciated.

The Ojai Art Center has several branches; the literary branch is hosting this event: “The Literary Branch shines a spotlight on writers – especially local talent – to  provide the community events that acclaim all types of literary works.  It invites participants to use their leisure time to venture to the Center to share with others the sensations of good writings.  Lean in. Listen. Learn.”


August 21, 2015


Are you still disturbed by the horrific oil spill a few months ago on the Santa Barbara coast? I am!

Did you know that last week, Plains All American, the operator of the ruptured pipeline increased its estimate of gallons spilled by 40% – now saying over 140,000 gallons total?

Did you know that while additional clean up off-shore isn’t possible, clean up on-shore continues, focusing on the tens of thousands of gallons that soaked into the soil and rocks of the bluffs and beach?

Did you know hundreds of birds and marine mammals have died as a direct result of oil exposure?

Did you know tar balls from the spill made their way hundreds of miles south– as far south as Redondo Beach?

Did you know YOU CAN DO SOMETHING? How close have you ever paddled to those enormous oil production platforms dotting our coastal horizon? How about a couple hundred feet away – in the name of oil spill prevention and response and stopping future offshore oil drilling? Or take action about current legislation?

Read more…

Ventura Patagonia Hosts “The Fisherman’s Son”– Film, Discussion, Food, Beer!

August 20, 2015


Tonight the Ventura Patagonia Store will open its courtyard at 7pm to host a free after hours gathering for 200 or so. Chef Tim Kilcoyne’s food truck “Scratch” will be there, Surf Brewery will be pouring, plus there will be popcorn, music, and conversation among like -minded folks before the 8pm film “The Fisherman’s Son” followed by discussion. Read more…

Get Happy, Get Nature

August 19, 2015


We deem those happy who from the experience of life have learned to bear its ills without being overcome by them. —Carl Jung

[image]: Apollo, god of music, Athenian red-figure kylix C5th B.C., Archaeological Museum of Delphi.

A friend of mine who also studied Depth Psychology at Pacifica Graduate Institute posted this this morning which she found on the CJ Jung twitter feed. I find this quote particularly profound and poignant partly from reading notes from my students where several shared their struggles in life and as their stories resonate and reside in me I reflect on how best to be their teacher this semester. Part of the challenge as a mentor, a guide, a teacher is for us ourselves to find the balance where we have learned how to bear the ills of life and not become overcome by them.

But how exactly do we do this? And can it be taught? For me, a key element is a sense of purpose and accomplishment, that I am being of service and doing something with my life–giving back, creating, participating, not just consuming. I feel better about myself and the world when I live consciously on the earth and with others.  And I am always better able to bear life’s challenges when I spend time in nature whether I am walking, hiking, camping, sitting, contemplating. When the going gets tough, the tough get going –outside! There’s even a website and a commercial for Nature Rx


Class will also include this video version of Dr Seuss’s book Oh The Places You’ll Go which uses Burning Man 2011 as a backdrop (and yes I was there that year!) and a clip from Wall E. Ah the places we’ll go this semester…




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